IT Staffing

By focusing exclusively on staffing in the information technology sector, we are able to better understand the subtleties of your IT requirements and provide you with the best technical talent.

Focusing only on a few key service offerings allows us to offer you exceptional quality and depth in the services we do provide, rather than spreading our attention too thinly among many. This also allows us to avoid over-promising and under-delivering, which we are sure you will appreciate. Our Focus Benefits You!

Contract Staffing

We provide an individual resource based upon your specific skill requirements for both short and long-term contracts. With a large employee base and a database of pre-qualified candidates, we have the ability to quickly locate and deploy outstanding people to match virtually all your IT needs.

We work with you to make sure we clearly understand your needs. You will be able to access specialized technical skills, staff short and long-term projects, overcome budget constraints, and match staffing levels to actual needs. We thoroughly screen and test candidates before we submit them for your review. This has gained Computer Technology Consultants, Inc. recognition as a valued partner for many of our clients.

We offer our clients a superior level of service at a competitive price. Our hourly contractor rates are all-inclusive. You pay only for productive time!

We handle employee salaries, employee benefits, payroll taxes, workers' compensation, and liability insurance. You will acquire a cost effective solution!


Also known as Try-Before-You-Buy! This is a hybrid that allows the both our client manager and the employee the option to determine if the position is right for each. Our no-nonsense contract-to-hire option allows you to evaluate potential new-hires on the job before making your final hiring decision. This popular option is an effective way to ensure you have the right fit for your position.

Since we credit all of our net margin against the conversion placement fee, this means that employers can convert our contract employee for a reduced placement fee. In many cases, the client pays no fee at all! We have had over 100 successful contractor conversions in this program.

Direct Hire / Permanent Placement

We recruit full-time technical personnel for our clients. We are experts in identifying the correct blend of skills, experiences, background, education and salary requirements for their market areas.

When you are ready to add to your full-time staff, our Permanent Placement Services allow you to:

  • access the "hidden" candidate pool;
  • focus on core business issues rather than staffing;
  • reduce recruiting costs;
  • and hire our candidate risk free.
Our placement fee is contingent upon your successful hiring of our candidate. You have nothing to lose by utilizing our services, whether exclusively or to compliment your internal recruitment efforts.